Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for a product?

We currently only offer 1 method of payment when going through the checkout process on out website: PayPal. We use Paypal because it is a trusted payment company that we have been using for over 10 years and it accepts both Visa and Mastercard payments, making it easy and safe to shop through our website.

Where are my goods?

If the status of your order is marked as dispatched, this means that it has left our hands and it is being sorted through Royal Mail before being delivered to your house. If it has been over the time period you expected, then please send us a message via our email address. We will then proceed to track your parcel and give you an update within 24 hours of your order status.

I need to change the requirements on my order

If you have ordered within the last 24 hours and have noticed that there is a spelling mistake or you wish to change the wording, then please send us a message ASAP for us to update your order before it goes through the printing process.

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